PNAS article: Climate scientists call for discussion on catastrophic scenarios in case global warming exceeds 3 degrees Celsius

In their article in the scientific journal PNAS, climate researchers call for more intensive consideration of scenarios based on global warming of 3 degrees Celsius and more. The scientists consider such a strong warming to be less likely at the moment, but not impossible. Research should therefore be expanded in order to be better prepared politically and socially for the catastrophic consequences in the worst case scenario.

Original publication:
Climate Endgame: Exploring catastrophic climate change scenarios
Kemp L, Xu C, Depledge J, Ebi KL, Gibbins G, Kohler TA, Rockström J, Scheffer M, Schellnhuber HJ, Steffen W, Lenton TM; PNAS 2022; 119 (34)

Press release:
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