Head office

of the Bavarian Research Network "bayklif"

The projects of the Bavarian Climate Research Network have a joint head office that is in charge of the organisation and coordination of the network. As bridge of communication between the individual research groups, the head office also maintains a dialogue between the research groups and the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and the Arts. It offers support to scientist on administrative questions and informs the interested public regarding the latest research results in a comprehensive way, e.g. through information material as well as an up-to-date homepage. In addition, the head office is involved in the communication between the scientitists and the public. 

Bavarian State Ministry

The bayresq.net research network is funded and supervised by the Bavarian State Ministry of Science and Arts. We would like to thank Ms. Frauke Preißinger, our competent and much appreciated contact person, for her tireless commitment.


Dr. Ulrike Kaltenhauser
Managing director

Tel: +49 89 2180 710 21
Fax: +49 89 856 61 68 0

Scientific Representatives

Prof. Dr. Annette Menzel
Scientific Representative

Tel: +49 8161 714740

Prof. Dr. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter
Scientific Representative

Tel: +49 8161 714740


Andreas Hauser
Head of Digital Network

Dr. Sabine Rösler

Laura Kellermann
Research Assistant

The head office would like to thank the personell of the partner project bayresq.net for its steady informell and competent assistance.


Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München
bayklif / Genzentrum

Head Office
Feodor-Lynen-Straße 25
81377 München