Movie clip with Prof. Geist and the AquaKlif team: research on the shaft hydroelectric power plant at the Loisach and the flow channel experiment in Freising

Prof. Dr. Jürgen Geist and his coworkers at AquaKlif are researching into the impact of different power plants on the living conditions and living creatures in rivers. In a movie clip by SAT1 Bavaria from 3rd of April 2021, the studies at a shaft hyrdoelectric powerplant in Großweil are shown, a small modern power plant with bedload management and permeability for fish in both directions. Below the power plant, fish are caught that either have no possibilities of descent or have passed the turbines. Afterwards, the injuries of dead and living fish are investigated and documented. In the flow channel experiment in Freising, it was shown that fine sediment precipitations can delay the development of fish larvae and should therefore be prevented through adequate bedload management. 

SAT.1 Bayern: Ökologischer Strom der Zukunft? Innovatives Wasserkraftwerk in Oberbayern