Landklif: GGW Promotion Prize 2019 for Carina Kübert

Verleihung des Promotionspreis 2019 an Dr. Carina Kübert (links) durch den 1. Vorsitzenden der GGW, Prof. Dr. Hubertus Job (rechts). Foto: K. Schliephake.

Presentation of the Doctoral Prize 2019 to Dr. Carina Kübert (left) by the 1st Chairman of the GGW, Prof. Dr. Hubertus Job (right). Photo: K. Schliephake.

(02.12.19) Dr Carina Kübert, a member of the LandKlif joint project, was awarded the doctoral prize of the Würzburg Geographical Society (GGW).

The prize honours the outstanding achievements of her doctoral thesis entitled “Remote Sensing for Phenology Monitoring: Optimisation and Analysis of Greening Beginning using MODIS Time Series for Germany”. Carina Kübert dealt with the question of what influence weather and climate have on vegetation development in Germany and what spatial and temporal patterns can be detected with satellite data.

The results of her doctoral thesis will be used in the Landklif project as input data for further investigations on the state of various ecosystems and their susceptibility or resilience to expected climate changes.