Interview (ZEIT) with Dr. Sabine Rösler: The Message of Trees

In Januar, Dr. Sabine Rösler reported in an interview with DIE ZEIT about her research and collaboration in the bayklif project BAYSICS. This follows a “Citizen Science” approach, which means that everyone can  participate in the ongoing research, which is made possible via the BAYSICS portal and a web APP.

Specifically, Dr. Rösler is researching the effects of rising temperatures on the shifting of tree boundaries in the Alpine region: Since the end of the “Little Ice Age” 200 years ago, an initially natural warming began, which has been significantly intensified and accelerated in recent decades by man-made climate change. This means that the summers are getting longer and warmer, which should consequently also result in a shift in the tree boundaries – i.e. the forest cover of the mountains. At two degrees, even by several hundred meters. But is this true?

In order to answer this question, extensive data on current tree populations is required. How these are collected with the help of citizens, what the current state of research is and how you can get involved yourself are the topics of the interview with editor Ulf Schönert.

The interview was printed in ZEIT Wissen No. 1/2022 and is also available on ZEIT online (paywall): ZEIT online

Further information on the BAYSICS subproject “Höhengrenzen selbst erkunden” can be found here: Link