Dr Christian Hof on the biodiversity crisis: “Learning from climate protection?

In his guest contribution to the Network Forum on Biodiversity Research Germany (NeFo), MintBio project leader Dr Christian Hof draws a line from the climate crisis to the biodiversity crisis:

“A 1.5° target for biodiversity – that sounds like a charming idea. The temperature value is now on everyone’s lips in politics, the media and society and serves as a benchmark for all kinds of climate protection measures. But is such a mark – however defined – suitable as a measure of the state of biodiversity, as a target for action to be taken, or as a threshold value beyond which the biosphere is plunged into irreversible dramatic situations? What purpose do certain numerical quantities serve, and does that purpose sanctify the means of simplification and truncation so abhorred by the scientific community?”

Here is the link to read more:
“Learning from climate change mitigation? The Biodiversity Crisis in the Context of Tipping Points, Complexity & Communication”.