AquaKlif Water Controversies II: Sources between Protection and Use

As an interface between the subsurface and the surface, springs have always been of particular importance – for the extraction of drinking water, as the origin of river systems, mirrors of groundwater, and as very special ecosystems.

The joint project AquaKlif continues its public discussion series: on October 19, the online discussion “Water Controversies II – Springs between Protection and Utilization”, followed by field trips on October 20-25.

How does climate change affect life in spring biotopes, and how does it affect streamflow and water quality? How would intermittent spring flows be managed – in conservation, and in water management? How would the drinking water supply be organized in case of decreasing groundwater levels – on the one hand from local springs, on the other hand from centrally treated reservoir water? Are springs in Bavaria sufficiently protected from impairment? To what extent can a spring be “renatured”? And are springs themselves actually sources of CO2?

Guests at the online discussion