Amendment to the climate protection act has been passed

© Mario Dobelmann

On 24th of June 2021, the Bundestag has passed the amendment to the climate protection act, in order to reach climate neutrality earlier in Germany. 

Important key points of the amendment:

  • Greenhouse gas emission should be reduced by 65% until 2030 and by 88% until 2040 compared to 1990. Reaching this reduction goal will be assessed via monitoring. 
  • The aim is to reach climate neutrality by 2045

By doing so, the natural emission sinks – such as forests and moores – should be strengthened and improved with regards to specific targets of CO2 binding capacity. An immediate 8 billion program is put in place to promote the decarbonization of the industry, green hydrogen, energy-friendly building restoration, climate friendly mobility as well as sustainable forestry and agriculture.