Botanists show massive species loss

Two current scientific publications show a massive reduction of plant species diversity in Germany and also in Bavaria: 

Within the project “biodiversity trends in Germany”, a current study shows a loss concerning over 70% of plants in Germany during the last 60 years –  on average 15% per species. Some neophytic species were able to spread; however, this didn’t compensate for the loss. For this study, 29 million data sets regarding the distribution of plant species of more than 2000 species were analyzed. 

In Bavaria, the red list of 2003 of rare and critically endangered plants was recently updated. In the process, 43% of the former listing could not be confirmed. The population sizes of 54% of all stock have diminshed. 

The articles can be found here: 

Eichenberg et al. 2020

Zehm et al. 2020