Save the Date: KLIMADISKURSE V mit Ulrike Röhr

On 08.03.2022, the KLIMADISKURSE will take place for the fifth time, a public event and discussion series around climate change and its impacts, initiated by bayklif’s junior research groups. The upcoming event will focus on the contribution of gender justice for a transformative climate policy.

Ulrike Röhr, civil engineer and graduate sociologist, has been working on women’s or gender perspectives in environmental and sustainability policy for 30 years. She is the director of genanet – Gender, Umwelt, Nachhaltigkeit, and co-founder of the international network GenderCC – Women for Climate Justice. In her contribution, she explains why gender justice is an essential contribution to successful climate policy, what findings there are on gender perspectives in the fields of action of climate policy, and how these findings can be translated into concrete policy measures. We are looking forward to the discussion with Ulrike Röhr!

All further information and the link to the event can be found here: