Geoecologist conference in Bayreuth: Presentation of Bayklif projects

In the context of the annual meeting of the Association for Geoecology on 22 – 24 November 2019 in Bayreuth, the mini symposium “City, Country, Climate Change” took place, which was moderated by Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer. Projects from AquaKlif, LandKlif and Cleanvelope were presented and discussed in lectures and posters.

Also at this annual conference, Benjamin Gilfedder and Robin Kaule presented the methods and working methods of their AquaKlif project to a broad audience:

Gilfedder, B. & R. Kaule: Needle in the haystack: tracing groundwater interaction with lakes and streams across temporal and spatial scales using radon. Forum Geoökologie 1/2020

Download: Forum Geoökologie 1/2020