First joint proposal from the climate council (IPPC) and the biodiversity council (IPBES) on how climate and nature can be protected simultaneously

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For the first time, a joint workshop with experts from the biodiversity council (IPBES) and the climate council (IPPC) has taken place, in order to discuss the biodiversity crisis, climate change and their social impact. The climate crisis and the ecology crisis are closely linked and mutually aggravate each other. So far, each of them were typically looked at individually or even viewed as opponents. 

The experts from IPBES and IPPC are advocates of a nature based solution. In concrete proposals, they point out synergies, e.g. with regards to the protection and renaturation of moors and forests. Transitioning towards a more ecological and sustainable agriculture has an equally positive impact. A clear warning was made against alleged climate protection measures such as the extensive cultivation of corn or rape for the generation of bioenergy. 

The results of the IPBES-IPPC workshop were presented on 10th of June 2021:
Press release and workshop report

Scientific results


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