Anne Lewerentz (BLIZ) honored with Special Award at the Bavarian Digital Summit

Originally, Anne Lewerentz had intended to introduce her computer game on water ecology at the Munich Science Days. Since the event was cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the BLIZ PhD student quickly changed switched gears to a new project. At the suggestion of the bayklif main office, she participated at the innovation challenge “#FutureTech4Climate” of the Bavarian Digital Ministry (13th to 15th of November 2020). Together with fellow participants, she developed a concept for an app. It is called “SAFEDiversity – we can only protect what we know” and encourages citizens to get engaged in the nature outside their doors in order to learn about endangered animals and plant species. Anne Lewerentz and her group were able to convince the jury with this idea and were honored with the Special Award of the Bavarian Digital Summit. Congratulations on this great success! 

Video on the app “SAFEDiversity”

Innovation Challenge 2020 “#FutureTech4Climate”