Advance notice: Conference of the 2021 Federal Climate Impact and Risk Analysis

Heat, drought, flooding, species change – how does climate change affect Germany? Risks and potentials for action

Juni 2021, 10:00 – 14:30 Uhr (Online).

What are the impacts of climate change in Germany? How do these risks develop until the end of the century? And in which fields of action can they be effectively mitigated through climate change adaptation?

These and other questions will be discussed at the final conference of the 2021 Federal Climate Impact and Risk Assessment (KWRA). The KWRA is the most comprehensive analysis of climate change risks and impacts in Germany. It is prepared every six years as part of the German Adaptation Strategy to Climate Change (DAS) by the “Climate Change and Adaptation” network of authorities.

For the current analysis, 102 climate risks were assessed in 13 fields of action, needs for action were identified, and adaptation potentials were examined for selected climate risks. The final conference accompanies the publication of the KWRA and presents its key findings.

Invitation and further registration information will be published in April 2021, registration is already possible here.

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